Wide I/P: 40-90Vac or 40-130Vdc

O/P: 12V/90W/100Wpeak


Vac I/P: 100-240Vac,

O/P: 12V/300W (-40~85℃)

1U/3*5",5Vsb,Ps-on,Passive 1+1

Vac I/P: 100-240Vac   [3*5"]

O/P: 400W (48V...56V)

Fan Less: 350W@230V

Force Air: 400W@100-240V

Vac I/P: 100-240Vac   [3*5"]

O/P: 300W (28V...36V)

Fan Less: 270W@110-240V

Force Air: 300W@100-240V


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